Welcome to Circular Sounds

Circular Sounds (CS) is a self-exploration process of creative activities that focuses on drawing out personal answers and solutions to current issues and challenges.

Designed for anyone who feels stuck and doesn’t know what to do next, the CS process uses 6 Elements to activate different parts of the brain, answering the question “Is there another way to look at this?”

Useful in a variety of different settings and for all age groups, CS helps individuals reconnect to themselves and find out how they fit within a wider whole.

I came to Joellen’s and Darren’s Circular Sounds workshop feeling stressed and quite overwhelmed by my hectic lifestyle. After a relaxed and fun weekend getting reacquainted with myself, I came away with several new personal insights. I feel these will support me in making more appropriate decisions for myself in the future. (I also had lots of fun mixing colours…I felt like I was back in kindergarten!!)

“It was exhilarating to overcome personal inhibitions to be part of a group.My heart is overflowing with new energy and I feel very much at peace.”
ANNE MYNOTT, Melbourne

Animation video by www.goatpenmedia.com